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Your automobile is, after all, a machine. It can break down anytime and at any place. You may not be able to find a car-repairing garage in the vicinity. Under circumstances, you may have to tow your car to the nearest service center. There are specialists for this kind of job. These towing services specialize in towing the vehicles exercising utmost care not to damage the vehicles. Through the medium of this article, we shall see the duties and responsibilities of these towing services. We shall also see the advantages of using their services for your benefit.

Towing of vehicles:

In very simple words, we can define towing of vehicles as the coupling of two or more vehicles to move them under circumstances where you could not move them otherwise.

Reasons for towing of vehicles:

There could be many reasons for towing of vehicles: We shall see some of them.


At owner’s request - This is the most common form of towing. It could happen that your vehicle can break down anywhere. As you would be unable to move it otherwise, you have to contact the towing services. They will rush a towing van to the location and tow the vehicle to the nearest service center for repair